Carlos Leyva

Silicon Stories

Chapter 9: What Comes After What Come Next?

The Good Old Days

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I love America, warts and all, but I cringe whenever I hear politicians whining about the good old days. America has never been better, however her finest hours lie ahead. Do you want to return to the good old days of the 1950’s? Black Americans without basic civil rights in the South, Mexican Americans treated as indentured servants, women as second-class citizens? Fuck that! I too hear America singing, singing her endless songs of rebirth. I am an American and a patriot. My ancestors have roamed these continents for thousands of years. I am a son of immigrants and a singer of the immigrant’s song, prepared to defend America to the death, if need be.

Johnny get your gun, and kiss your momma bye

The time has finally come, are you prepared to die?

For that which you believe in, for you family and your friends

That sweet old cause is calling us, and upon us it depends

To make a contribution, to take a clear cut stand

The music is playing all around us Johnny

Do you wanna join the band?

—War, The Aztec Kings

Yeah who wants to join the band? America, despite her faults, is the greatest nation on Earth. Those who would belittle her would do better to clean up their own houses before throwing stones. Clean ‘em up or we may have to clean up the fuckers for you! The American renaissance will not be led by the weak kneed. Challenge us if you like, but be prepared to get your asses kicked. If you fear our Armed Forces, just wait until our technology and culture are hitting on all cylinders.

Leyva, you are a complete lunatic! Why all this talk of a renaissance, of war, and of patriotism? Because, my dear friend, the answers lie in our people, in art, faith, and hope—not in technology.

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