Carlos Leyva

Silicon Stories

Chapter 8: Knowledge Management & Infotainment


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It is no surprise that industrial age organizations are dysfunctional with respect to the processes and skills required for effective story telling. Within these organizations story telling was (is) the purview of the few and the privileged, thus they lack both a cultural and intellectual foundation upon which to build. Rectifying this dilemma is one of the many challenges in attempting to jump the curve from an industrial age mentality to an age where information and knowledge rule.

KM, infotainment, and eLearning are all different manifestations of the same problem space. We are on a mission to discover effective approaches for telling stories digitally. Context sensitive rich content, powered by compelling and feature rich multi-media technologies is an important enabler, but not the principle driver. The convergence of story telling and technology is the killer app of the next millennium. Central to this process is the elevation of the human voice (and spirit) to the fountainhead from which all value springs.

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