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Deborah L. Leyva

The technology business has been very good to me for many years now. Mine is one of those Cinderella stories that happens over and over in this wonderful and crazy industry of ours from: Secretary, to Engineering Analyst to Developer to Director of applications in the IT organization of a major financials services firm, where I lead a department of fifty. I left that job to start the theB2Bdepot, Inc.

I was never quite the geek that Carlos (hubby) is; however, that did not prevent him from dragging me (sometimes kicking and screaming) along his many techno-journeys: from C to C++, from PowerBuilder the Delphi, from Unix the Client Server, and now onto internet technologies. It has been an amazing and at times, scary ride.

I have recently discovered that over half of my brain (can't remember if it is the right or left) that has led me to painting and other artistic pursuits. I am a “Web Diva” turned Artist. I had a wonderful time doing the artwork and illustrations for Silicon Stories even though Carlos can be overly demanding and an all around pain in the ass to work sometimes (sorry honey.)

You can view my artistic *stuff* on our website at Better yet, if you want to buy one. Send me an email.

Carlos might be looking forward to catching the next technology wave, but frankly I would be happy just to spend more time contemplating the universe with a couple of margaritas in the sun and hanging out with Dallas (our two year old Sheltie.)

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